As a young child he grew up in Keaukaha, Hawaii. Raised by his parents and grandmother who fluently spoke the Hawaiian language, the culture was instilled in him at a young age.

His interest and talents led him to begin performing with some of the most prestigious Hawaiian entertainers, sharing his talents and distinct falsetto voice.

The encouraged learning by his mother and grandmother influenced him to expand his horizons in entertainment by creating his own Hula Halau, beginning with a small group which he taught in his mothers garage. His many years of teaching the Hula has blossomed into his HALAU O KA UA KANI LEHUA.

HALAU O KA UA KANI LEHUA has graced the stages of numerous competitions ranging from his Keiki to his men and women, and solo dancers taking top honors in many of these events. In all his years of competition he has composed many masterpiece performances. His original compositions led him to record his first album "The Promise Of God`s Love".

His talent has allowed him to travel the world teaching his unique style. He has also shared his many talents with other well known Kumu Hula of today. He remains to have a very busy schedule.

His famous saying to all who know him is "Praise the Lord" for with our lord everything is possible.



Aloha my name is Brandi, I'm truly humbled to have the opportunity to be a student under Uncle Johnny as well as a volunteer instructor for his halau. Being a part of Halau O Ka Ua Kani lehua for 20 years has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, from dancing in the Merrie Monarch to traveling to different parts of the world, the experience has been more than I could have ever imagined. The teachings of Uncle Johnny and Aunty Deedee has guided me to grow into the person I am today, not only as a hula dancer but also as an individual.


uncle kaweloAfter re-locating to Hilo in 1984, my love for Hula and Hawaiian Music led me to Hilo`s own Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua under the direction of Uncle Johnny. I have been a dedicated student and performer for Uncle Johnny and am honored to be a part of a creative and original team of hula historians. A big Mahalo to you Uncle for your knowledge and wisdom! Thank you God! ( Kawelo Kong Kee)


I`ve been with Uncle Johnny for 37 years. It has been an honor to be one of his students. The creativity that this man has is unbelievable. When you`ve been with a kumu for as long as I`ve been, you already know what he expects in a dance and the end results becomes spectacular. As one of his volunteer instructors for his keiki class, it has been amazing to watch how these young girls grow up to become beautiful dancers. It brings back memories of the days when entertaining was so much fun and now that you see these girls performing, it`s only the beginning to a long road ahead. I`m so blessed to be with Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua under the direction of Johnny Lum Ho with praises to the Lord and thanking him for what I have become today as a person and beautiful dancer. PRAISE THE LORD AND THANK YOU UNCLE JOHNNY!! ( Darilyn Naihe)


Welina mai! My name is Kasie and I am sincerely blessed to have been part of Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua for the past 29 years. As a young child, Uncle Johnny and Aunty Dee-dee instilled in me great values that continue to guide me as an adult today. As a volunteer instructor, I am humbled to be able to help pass on these values to the next generation of dancers. I am fortunate to have been given many opportunities through hula, including winning the title of Miss Keiki Hula (1989), Miss Aloha Hula First Runner Up (2002) and traveling to many parts of the world. But most of all, I am grateful to belong to a Halau such as this that places high value on family, faith and love.



Aloha , my name is Salina Hauanio. I`m from Hilo, Hawaii and I`ve been dancing hula for Kumu Hula Uncle Johnny Lum Ho since 1993 when I was just five years old. Then in 2002 I became a show girl, doing shows both in Hawaii and Japan. Both Hula and Uncle Johnny has been a strong part of my life. In 2009 I was asked to volunteer teach one of the keiki classes. I am very thankful to teach. Uncle Johnny is a big influence in my life because he's been teaching me all I know about Hula and a lot to know about my life. Uncle Johnny is a very special person and he has made an impact on everyone in the Hula community. I am also very honored to be apart of his amazing halau. And as Uncle Johnny would say "praise the Lord"